Review Of Autism Awareness

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  • Alert others to your allergy or medical condition and protect yourself with the Allergy ID Card. Allergy ID Cards are perfect for Kids + Adults + Seniors or anyone with allergies or medical conditions. Allergy ID Cards are also useful for people that are hearing impaired, non-verbal, autistic, special needs, or who take medications.
  • Show your Allergy ID Card to alert servers, chefs, bartenders, or staff members when ordering at restaurants or when traveling. Convenient to use in hotels, schools, camps, daycare, and even on play-dates or sleepovers. Easily alert teachers, nurses, caregivers, first-responders or medical professionals to your allergy or medical condition.
  • Custom Allergy ID Cards are available! Choose from over 400 allergies to create a custom card specific to your needs, or list your medications and dosages, doctor contact and emergency information.
  • Produced to last, high-quality Allergy ID Cards are waterproof and printed on durable high-impact plastic, just like credit cards, and conveniently kept in your wallet, purse or backpack for easy use. Made in Texas, USA.
  • Allergy ID Cards are so durable and easy to use they are a perfect gift idea for anyone, any age.
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Review Of Autism Awareness

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