Prince of Denmark

Empty Suit

How’s that Hope and Change working for you?  Had enough?  Still grimly resisting that urge to scrape off the bumper sticker?  It’s all right.  Nobody likes to admit they were fooled even though it’s now painfully obvious that, like many of us warned you, The Sun King Ra-Obama is nothing more than an empty suit who if he is in fact filled with anything it’s the shopworn doctrinaire leftism that has been such a disaster for most of the planet and apparently needs to be tried again and again because…well…because the purpose of leftism is not to improve the human condition but to ensure, as Orwell warned, that a boot is stamping on the human face forever; in this case the boot is an over-reaching and out-of-control government intent on bludgeoning you into submission with a big brick of government cheese.  President Obama and his cabal of like-minded Barons in the House and Senate don’t want to help you, they want to solidify their own power, putting the boot in your face forever.  If they have to lay waste to democracy, free enterprise, initiative, personal responsibility and every other virtue that made America exceptional than so be it.

The sad thing is that you voted for the guy because you are a afraid; afraid to be an American and act like an American and have instead embraced the notion that the Mammary State will nestle you in it’s benevolant bosom if you only give up the liberty that is your birthright and accept the domination of an unelected, multi-tentacled bureaucracy in every part of your life. 

What the heck.   All you’re going to give up in exchange for never having to pay a dime for even the most routine medical care is the ability to be anything but a serf, a comfortable serf for now but the time is coming when the West, finally become nothing more than a crappy nursing home full of drooling, entitled imbeciles, producing nothing and standing for nothing; a civilization reduced to petulance and craven apologies for the cherished values that in distant times American boys stormed impregnable beaches to defend, will collapse from the overwhelming weight of its own folly and short-sightedness.

Then my friends, the World will burn.

Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

Let me get this straight:  The economy teetered on the edge last year when billions of dollars invested in imaginary assets evaporated into thin air.  In Copenhagen, the President, the Democratic Congress, and the parasitic global bureaucracy propose to set up vast markets trading in Carbon Dioxide, a naturally occurring gas which forms a vanishingly small percentage of the atmosphere, and that this entire multi-trillion dollar market in which your pension funds and other financial instruments will be inevitably intertwined will be based on some pointy-headed Eurocrat allocating permission to burn fuel…and you think this is a good idea?

What on earth is wrong with all of you?  Have you taken leave of your senses?  Who thinks up this kind of crap and more importantly, didn’t they get the memo that Global Warming, the Rock upon which the Religion of Global Bureaucracy is built, the Shining Promise to the Ruling Class of Make-Believe Jobs Now and Forever and To the Ages of Ages, is a hoax and nothing more than a shabby and now increasingly transparent attempt to put the unruly American spirit in its place?

If the magnitude of the duplicity involved in the hoax of climate change (now warming, now cooling) is not apparent to you now then you are either blind or willfully intent on destroying as much of our personal freedom as you possibly can.

Prince of Denmark