Don’t Forget….

A short post today, my apologies, but I want everybody who can to attend their local “Tea Party” on April 15th.  As you may recall from American history, back in 1773 American colonists irate over increasingly oppressive duties and tariffs imposed by the British disguised themselves as indians, boarded British Merchantmen in Boston Harbor, and threw their cargo of tea overboard, protesting among other things taxation without representation.

Taxation with representation ain’t so hot either and, as Washington is now completely in the clutches of our home-grown criminal class, I’d like everybody who gives a crap about liberty, free enterprise, and stopping the conversion of our country into just another European mammary state to gather with your fellow citizens at your city’s tea party.

Keep the following in mind:

1. Although the tea parties are being touted as “Conservative” events and their will be many conservatives there, you don’t have to be completely conservative to go.  They are more and expression of Libertarianism but conservatives share some similar values so it’s cool.

2. Keep yer’ pro-life, pro-gun, pro-whatever stuff at home. I’m pro-life and pro-gun but this is not the day for it.

3. Be polite to the handful of counter-protesters. They will be freaky and transgendered looking and they will be advocating as many issues as their are protesters, most having nothing to do with taxation, but that’s just their thing.  I have been to many conservative events and without exception conservatives and Libertarians are well-dressed, polite, well-spoken, and behave in a way that makes our events family friendly.   I have never seen the police have to use pepper spray, dogs, or any intimidation at all to control conservative crowds (in fact most cops are probably on your side) so let’s make it a pleasant day for everybody including the police.

Don’t Forget….

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