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My hit counter tells me that I’ve had 100,000 unique visits to this blog in the last six months. Add that to the 120,000-or-so visits before I started using Sitemeter and that’s not bad for sixteen months of blogging. Readership is growing and I like to think it’s because I have a lot of well-written articles on interesting subjects which offer a unique insight into the world of medical training that you will not find anywhere else.

It’s either that or the doggy-porn but I’m not complaining.

CAM and Academia

Part of what passes for being open-minded in academia these days is the inability call “bullshit.” This is also known as being so open-minded that your brain either falls out or flaps listlessly in the breeze like a ratty pair of underwear on a line. There is, apparently, very little under heaven, no matter how ridiculous, that some earnest academic, frightened of giving offense, will not either embrace or tolerate even though somewhere, deep down in his crocadile brain a little voice must be shouting at him to grow a spine.

This is because the ethos of the ivory tower is anti-Western, anti-Judeo-Christian, and almost anti-intellectual, at least in the sense that reason and disciplined thinking are subordinate to the latest political fads that periodically sweep through our highly impressionable, somewhat provincial academic community. This is why people who will scoff at traditional religion and impune it’s adherents will never-the-less become extremely reverential when discussing Buddism, Hinduism, and any other religious practice which doesn’t carry the baggage of morality against which they have been conditioned to rebel.

(In regards to Islam, the militant variety of which is antiethical to every principle of liberal Western thought, they are silent either out of fear or because the anti-American strain that pervades it is convenient to their political beliefs. In the the screwy world of academia, you can have liberal, pro-choice professors actively supporting groups like the Taliban who treat women like property, execute dissenters, and would merrily burn their universities to the ground if given the chance.)

The point is that while acupuncture, homeopathy, and other faith-based healing practices will be embraced tightly, faith healing, snake handling, and speaking in toungues, also known as Traditional American Medicine (TAM) will be ridiculed as absurd by the same people who will credulously clap their hands and burn joss to nightmarish asian gods. How some sweaty pastor of a secretive congregation in Arkansas casting out demons through his traditional practice of medicine is different than some svelte intellectual with equally shoddy academic credentials pushing homeopathy or acupuncture is not exactly clear from a strictly rational point of view.

A Quick Note

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