Doing it the Hard Way So I didn’t match last year and scrambled into a categorical position in Family Medicine. A categorical position as opposed to a preliminary position guarantees you a position for the total duration of the training for your specialty. It should be obvious that it is much more difficult to switch […]

How Not To Match Let me state the obvious. There are many kinds of doctors and depending on your specialty you will have vastly different experiences in your medical career. Ideally you want to select a specialty in which you are interested. It doesn’t need to be a passion or even a calling but you […]

The Nuts and Bolts While nothing needs to be carved in stone, by the end of third year you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of residency you want to do. This is because matching is a long process that will occupy you in one way or another for most of fourth […]

The Match Described Conceptually By now you have probably heard the ancient medical school adage that “P=MD” meaning that grades are not important and everyone who passes will be a doctor. I want to refute this and caution you to never adopt this philosophy. Grades do matter as you will see later in this series […]