Half-Measures ( Disclaimer: Those of you with weak stomachs or who are excessively idealistic may skip this article in which I describe how one may subvert the conventional wisdom and get accepted to medical school. As you know, I believe the medical school admission process is idiotic. It encourages self-aggrandizement and has more hoops to […]

Was it That Long Ago? It was one of those cool, clean April mornings in North Carolina when I was discharged from the Marines. The sun shone brightly in the clear sky as the last of the mist lingering in the shadows evaporated. A gentle wind ruffled the surface of the New River and tugged […]

Random Musings on the New Year The years roll by. I have vague memories of time passing with glacial slowness. Waiting for summer vacation. The eternity of high school. The time when it seemed that I had alway been in boot camp and always would be. The months I counted during the first Gulf War […]