Actual Patient Conversation: “Man, that Dilaudid didn’t even touch my pain.” “Uh, Okay.  Your CT was negative so you’re fine to go home.  I’ll ask your nurse to come discharge you.  Come back if you get light headed or start to vomit but otherwise, just take Motrin for your headache and you should be fine.” […]

(Actual questions from actual readers. -PB) I know you don’t like chiropractors but what are we supposed to do for chronic back pain? For chronic back pain I recommend back strengthening exercises, instruction in correct lifting and posture, weight loss, physical activity, judicious use of NSAIDs, and occasionally just sucking it up.  For serious back […]

A short post today, my apologies, but I want everybody who can to attend their local “Tea Party” on April 15th.  As you may recall from American history, back in 1773 American colonists irate over increasingly oppressive duties and tariffs imposed by the British disguised themselves as indians, boarded British Merchantmen in Boston Harbor, and […]

(With apologies to Deborah Peel -PB) So I had this uninsured patient with a chronic medical problem that was being addressed at The Big Academic Medical Center Sixty Miles Away who came to the department with worsening symptoms from her chronic medical problem, a problem that was competing, I might add, with several others that […]

(In which I answer several random questions submitted to me by readers. -PB) Hey, Panda, I’m not sure what specialty I would like to do and am considering going to PA school because Physician Assistants can easily move between specialties.  Your thoughts? I often hear the ease of movement between specialties touted as a benefit […]

1001 Ways to Die There has got to be a better way to die and surely the patient at the center of our frantic activity couldn’t have wanted this one.  I arrived at his room with a code in progress although, as the patient was still alert, most of the activity involved throwing towels on […]