Randapanda III

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A reader comments : “I have serious trepidations about electing a president who was a POW for 5 yrs and remained in solitary confinement for two of those five. I have total respect for the service and valor of John McCain, but I don’t believe you can endure this type of treatment and come out […]

Randapanda II

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Actual Patient Encounter: “I’m really, really annoyed.” “Really? Why? “I’ve been sitting here for an hour and you just now walked in.” “I’m sorry. We’re pretty busy tonight.” “Well, I’m still annoyed.” “How annoyed?” “Like, a 10 out of 10.” “You know, my Great-grandmother was driven from her home in Asia Minor by the Turks […]


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(I can’t concentrate. I admit it. Sorry. -PB) Hey… So I was absent for about a week from my blog and my daily readership actually went up. Clearly there is some optimal number of posts per month that will maximize daily hits and I am usually exceeding it….or maybe if I stopped posting altogether my […]


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It’s Only Getting Crazier Maybe it’s the change in the weather but our Emergency Department seems to have gone insane. It’s always been pretty busy but since the beginning of this month (and Spring temperatures) it seems like the patient population of our city has exploded as if there is some kind of Vague Abdominal […]

What About Student Government in Medical School? Waste of Time or What? Every medical school has some sort of student government. You will have class officers and the usual student body President, Vice-President and other offices filled by medical students looking for…well…who knows? At the basic level it cannot be denied that the predominant impulse […]

What About “Early Patient Contact?” Is It Important? No. “Early Patient Contact,” like “All Natural” and “Holistic,” is a marketing phrase designed to entice earnest pre-meds into one medical school over another. Like “Problem Based Learning,” another slick marketing phrase, if I had my choice I’d flee as if from the Devil himself a school […]

(With a hat-tip to EMphysician for the idea. -PB) What’s the Secret to Medical School? There is really no secret except the obvious. First, you have to be intelligent. Not necessarily Mensa material but smart enough to assimilate the material. Next you have to study…a lot although the actual amount and method will vary. Finally, […]

(I am on vacation and we have made the 1200 mile trek from frozen Yankeeland to Louisiana to visit the family.  Please accept some short observations hastily typed on borrowed computers, apropos of nothing in particular and perhaps not really related to anything you want to read about. -PB) A Modest Proposal Although you wouldn’t […]