(I confess, what with the feasting, shopping, caroling, and wassailing of the holidays I cannot collect my thoughts to write anything coherent longer than a couple of paragraphs. My apologies. -PB) Taking Leave of our Common Sense In a previous article I mentioned that politically, health care reform was not a big issue for me […]

(I get a lot of questions and comments by email and I thought I’d share some of them with you folks. -PB) Hey Panda, who are you going to vote for in the 2008 Presidential election? Good Lord, is it already time for another election? It seems like I have only just recovered from the […]

A reader writes: “Is there a solution to inefficient paperwork? With such great technological advancement, do you foresee any computerized forms of paperwork to make it less inefficient?” Sure. We have a great electronic record system at one of our departments (the T-System) which makes documentation and order writing a lot easier than previously. The […]

Sweet, Sweet Chronic Back Pain An extremely busy shift last night. Not necessarily by volume (because I actually saw relatively few patients) but certainly by acuity. Almost everyone was legitimately sick and required real, honest-to-gosh admissions for bona fide medical complaints. And three of them were admitted to the ICU, two of them intubated. In […]

(I hesitate to present this article because everything in it is so indisputable to those who work in health care that I might be accused of belaboring the obvious. With this in mind I ask for the indulgence of you, oh my regular readers, who may skip this article entirely as nothing new will be […]

(As those of you applying to medical school know, the personal statement on the AMCAS application is, at least by conventional wisdom, one of the most imporant parts of your application. It doesn’t seem fair when you think about it, that all of your effort to get good grades and to position yourself with extracurricular […]

(No, we’re not in re-runs here at Panda Bear, MD. I was asked to repost this article by a few of you and even though it is in the catagorized archives, I thought I’d just run it again as a finale to CAM month. Enjoy and I swear I will have a new post up […]

(Once again I dig deep into the archives to answer questions about the medical school admissions process-PB) Dear Panda, In order to take advantage of affirmative action, I lied about my race. Good move or not? Sincerely, Plain Vanilla Pre-med (Eating a Baloney Sandwich, on White Bread, With Mayonaise, somewhere in Minnesota) Dear Vanilla, I […]