(Once again, a caveat: I am a resident in a medium-sized Emergency Medicine program in an academic setting. Not as academic as Duke or USC but we have most of the players. I have never worked in private practice in Emergency Medicine so while I welcome the comments of those who have, I am describing […]

Perspective Consider two separate rooms in the same Emergency Department. In one lies a young man who has been shot in the chest and arrived in full cardiac arrest with the paramedics frantically giving CPR. Red frothy bubbles come out of the gaping hole over his heart whenever the bag attached to his endotracheal tube […]

Whenever you get a major trauma, do you get your fair share of procedures (chest tubes, central lines, etc..) or do the surgical residents tend to take them? . At our program, because it is a Level I trauma center, trauma surgery is in charge of most of the traumas. The EM residents manage the […]

(The following article is directed primarily at those contemplating matching into Emergency Medicine. Those of you who are not may read it but I make no apologies for targeting a particular group of readers. Emergency Medicine has become a very popular specialty lately so I’m sure there is some interest out there. Most of my […]

Hey Dr. Bear, what do you really think about Physician Assistants and other mid-level practioners? Nothing. Why should I? They have their job and and I have mine. The real question that most insecure medical students want answered is this: Is the training required for a physician too extensive and are a couple years of […]

Hey Dr. Bear, you are something of a critic of the “old school.” What was wrong with the way doctors were trained in the past and why should we change things if the old ways have worked so well? When I was a structural engineer, I had an old-school boss who had never quite made […]

Any advice for aspiring medical students? Not much. Everybody is going to have a different experience in medical school depending on their expectations, their past experiences, and their willingness to modify their ideals to conform to the realities on the ground. I’m trying to get away from giving advice in favor of relating some of […]

Hey Dr. Panda. I also have a family. My wife and I are raising young children and the cost of day care will eat up a big chunk of my wife’s take-home pay if she gets a job. How are we going to make ends meet during medical school and residency? You’re not, at least […]