Why Don’t We Starve Them Too? As my regular readers know, I am opposed to the use of sleep deprivation as an educational tool during residency training. The fact that residents are deprived of sleep as a requirement of their job is undeniable especially given the typical call schedules and the obvious fact that work […]

Moonlighting I have been doing a little bit of moonlighting lately and I have to say, it just feels different getting paid six times as much for doing the same work. Sorry, it just does. What’s a chore for twelve dollars an hour is decent work for eighty. . As one of my readers pointed […]

On Vacation

August 10, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I’ll be taking a blogcation until the the end of this month.  Keep checking back and as always, don’t forget to look back at my extensive archives. On another note, I’m looking for new and unique medical slang to put into the Pandictionary. I will give proper credit and remember, it has to be original.  […]