Ever considered any other specialties? Sure. Everyone does. It is the rare person who arrives at medical school with his future planned to the last detail. Even people who, perhaps through prior work or shadowing experience, arrive with an overwhelming desire for one particular specialty usually change their minds. Orthopedic surgery, as an example, is […]

(Not really medically related. I’m sort of busy this month and don’t have the energy to really organize my thoughts. My apologies but if this kind of thing will make you get all hissy then please come back to my blog in a few weeks when I expect to have more time to write a […]

Is there anything you like about residency? Well, it has it’s moments. I’m the the ICU senior resident this month which is kind of cool, especially because this is one of those rotations where you get paged to make real decisions and not, as is often the case as an intern in the ICU, to […]

Why do you complain so much about residency and medicine? It’s not as if you, personally, can do anything about it and besides, aren’t you done with call and most of the other less than savory aspects of medical training? Like I always tell people, this blog is not about validating any particular point of […]

The Good Old Days As some of you know, I spent a considerable part of my misspent youth in the Marines. I enlisted in 1983. Back then they still had something called “mess duty” which many of you probably know as “KP.” Periodically, non-rated Marines would be pulled from the company to work in the […]

(Gentle readers, I present the following which is mostly written in Marine-speak. You have nothing to fear and yet, if you have a weak constitution or are easily upset I implore you to skip this article, perhaps using the time saved to peruse the latest Peanuts comic strip in the newspaper or anything else that […]