Keep an Open Mind So they asked me a lot, when I was interviewing for medical school, what I thought about complementary and alternative medicine particularly the use of traditional practices as adjuncts to Western Medicine. I’m all for it. There are a lot of traditional practices I’d like to see become a part modern […]

More Housekeeping

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Spam Posts I tried it for a while but because of annoying spam posts I’m turning “word verification” back on. You’ll have to tak an extra step to post. Sorry. I really think spammers should get the death penalty but until such a time as they do we’re going to have to do what we […]

(Just a few comments. We seem to have had an explosion of vitriol today which is gratifying in my quest to become the most popular non-midget-porn blog on the web. Interestingly enough, most of the negative comments come from a couple of ISP addresses in India. As to what I have done to offend the […]

Crunch Time

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The ICU and You, some Do’s and Don’ts Some of you will rotate in the ICU as medical students and most of you, whatever your specialty, will do at least one critical care month during your residency. Here are just a few general tips. I have made most of the mistakes described below. Keep in […]

Apropos of Nothing

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1100 Bucks a Month Just from the outset, let me say that poor 70-year-old Mr. Neely was definitely being neglected and possibly being abused by his son. The first thing they told me was that his hair was so dirty and unkempt that it was like one single dreadlock. The nurses had to cut off […]

Barking Mad

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Psychiatric Ward Inpatient psychiatry wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. The people locked up on the tenth floor of our hospital were just a little too crazy to really be interesting. A little insanity, like a little spice, adds flavor to a patient’s personality. Too much of it and it overpowers everything. […]

Some of My Best Friends… If I suggested to you that different races had easily identifiable personality traits and that not only could I use these traits to predict their behavior but that I should make prejudicial assumptions based on these traits you would rightly label me a bigot. And yet, this idea is running […]


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To make it easier for those poor souls still using dial-up, I’m going to adjust the format to only show the last twenty posts. This should make things load a little faster. If you haven’t already read them, older posts are still available in the archive. My lovely wife will be “Guest Blogging” periodically on […]

Party Night (I’m going to start a new feature here on Panda Bear, MD. Many pre-meds, medical students, and residents are married and have families and I thought you might like a little perspective from the other half of the team. PB) Our little panda bear cubs have a name for their daddy being on […]

Sound and Fury

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Family and Community Medicine Latravia Kell was my favorite patient. I can’t think of one bad hand that life hadn’t dealt her but she was unfailingly cheerful, polite, and compliant with all of her treatments. I met her on my first day of family medicine clinic and saw her at least every month afterwards. I […]

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