“Mbuto.” My African driver springs to his feet. “Yes, Sahib.” “Pass me another baby, I think this one has died.” I lay the dead infant in the pile by my feet. What I’d really like him to do is pass me an ice-cold bottle of the local beer. Compassion is hot, thirsty work. There is […]

Did You Mention the Dead African Babies? Face it, your personal statement is cringe-inducing and you will read it a couple of years from now and be deeply ashamed that you ever inflicted it on anybody. Let me spruce it up for you: Basic editing for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure: 50$ Retooling of your […]

A Day in the Life of an Intern Obstetrics Rotation. Week Two. An eternity ahead of me. 4:10 AM: Good God. It is early. Early by anybody’s standards. Even the dairy farmers must cringe from this early hour. And yet my eyes have been open for the last twenty minutes as I fight off sleep […]